The Good, The Bad And The Very Ugly About Electronic Cigarettes

The Good, The Bad And The Very Ugly About Electronic Cigarettes

As regulation and legislation over the use of electronic smoking devices is pondered, costing millions in tax dollars, many important issues arise. Some good, some bad and some really quite ugly. All of them though, demand greater scrutiny by the public at large, even those unaffected by the outcome.

The Good

It is safe for science to say that electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. This is music to the ears of millions of people who have been literally dying to quit! Ecigs have such similar features to the real thing that they enable smokers to ease off tobacco without unbearable withdrawals and without going crazy. The same tube-like object between their fingers, the same sensation upon inhaling and the same satisfaction after enjoying the smoking experience. This is indeed very good news! Countless people have already kicked the nasty habit of taking in the tar, formaldehyde and other carcinogens tobacco cigarettes are so disgustingly infamous for.

The ecig has revolutionized this subculture of society (the one still smoking), and given them hope of an alternative to dying 10 years before their time of a horrible respiratory disease or the dreaded “C”. No more nasty smell on their fingers, clothes, upholstery and everywhere else. The tell-tale yellow toothed smile can quickly become a remnant of the bygone era of tobacco users. Vaping now becomes a means to evolve above and beyond the old ways of smoking. This is good!

The Bad

The debate over electronic cigarettes is fueled in part by the fact that the product entices people who would otherwise never smoke to pick up the habit. Past generations have demonstrated that the dangers of smoking take a back seat to the desire to do so. People who are now in the middle age group chose to light up because their parents and grandparents did, even after it became widely known that smoking kills. It is thus safe to say that kids today will indeed take up the habit of using electronic cigarettes because they are categorized as a “safer alternative”. They will smoke for the sake of joining the crowd of other e-smokers, because they think it’s cool or for the simple pleasure of it. Electronic cigarettes are breeding new generations of smokers who are under the impression that they’re really not hurting their bodies.

The question begs: Are ecigs and e liquid as safe as not smoking anything? Only if the answer to that question is in the affirmative is it acceptable to allow people to use and become addicted to this form of nicotine delivery. If this same sect would otherwise not take up the habit, knowing full well that it’s harmful, the system is being grossly negligent and deserves to be sued and disarmed of any so-called “authority”.

The Very Ugly

With the advent of electronic cigarettes we clearly see the inadequacies of our government system. We are reminded of the fact that big tobacco companies can easily manipulate the system that was designed to protect us, simply because they have a lot of money to throw around. Our health care officials wait until a potential threat exists, rather than working to prevent it. If in fact electronic cigarettes are dangerous to people, they should never have made it to market to begin with. Now, the debate will probably be won by whichever company has the biggest budget to lobby.

Of course, since big tobacco has a vested interest in the outcome of regulating ecigs, they are throwing their weight around. Taxation is a hefty form of revenue which will also factor into the process. Meaning any forthcoming government decision will be heavily influenced by the almighty dollar, rather than what’s in the best interest of the general public. Hence we may not be privileged to the best advice about these new devices until it’s too late. How very ugly.

Most consumers prefer to make an informed decision before buying something, particularly if it can impact their health. Unfortunately, you practically need your own degree in medicine to determine the safety of many things on the market today. What is known is that if you do smoke “real” cigarettes, ecigs are a safer alternative for you. If you don’t already smoke, you might be playing Russian Roulette by taking up the habit with the electronic version. What this entire process shows us is a real need for change.

E Cig Reviews And Locating The Best

E Cig Reviews And Locating The Best

When it comes to e cig reviews, there are good ones along with terrible ones. The best thing to do to find the right kind of reviews would be to know what to look for. Follow along here if you wish to learn more.

Don’t trust every review that you read online. For instance, when you go to a site for the people that make e cigarette, they’re probably only going to feature positive reviews so that you don’t find out what could potentially be wrong with the products they’re trying to sell to people. Always look for third party websites with reviews on them. Also, don’t trust just one review on a site because you don’t know if that person is sharing what others are thinking as well. When you read a few different reviews, you get a better idea of what the product is like.

A lot of the time you’re going to be able to find some reviews on e cigs when you visit a video sharing site. This is cool to check out because you can see someone using the product and watch the genuine reaction they have to it. You’ll also get to see the packaging and how to operate the device so that you’re not confused if you were to get one yourself. If you have any questions for the person that made the video, don’t hesitate to ask them any questions so you can get things answered.

Now that you’re able to see what to do to find the best in e cig reviews you can get started. It’s a smart idea to get things in order for yourself as soon as possible so that you can find reviews that will help you get the best products possible.